Reasons Why I Love Reading

Reading is one of the things people love to do the most. However, there are some who are not fond or interested in doing such things, saying that they cannot concentrate when reading books or that they find it boring most of the time. In my case, I don’t get the reason why these people say that reading books is a boring thing to do. We do have different interests however, it is a bother to me that they find no interest in books. I do respect their perspectives and I am not in a position to judge them as to why they have no reason to like reading books but I am not here to persuade them to read as well. In fact, I am here to share the reasons why I personally love reading books.

To be honest, everything started when I was still a little kid, my neighbor from years ago, had their own garage sale. I actually find their place very interesting and they would tell me everything about it whenever I ask about their home, especially how Denver garage door repairs turned their simple garage door into something new, and so, it was also a way to attract many people to their garage sale. They used to sell many things — clothes, accessories, furniture, and even books. That was the time I became interested in books other than the ones I have for my studies. I usually see a lot of children’s stories or other books that are really inspiring for a kid like me.

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I grew up and the interest I have in reading only grew with me as well. As time passed by, I learned more about them and from a garage sale, now I am able to buy my own books in bookshops or end up visiting various libraries from time to time. It was indeed a good thing to be interested in such things because I find my comfort and peace with the books I often have in my hands. Books are made up of various words, and through it, I was able to discover a lot of words since I was still a kid. I grew up loving it since it seems to take me to another world, bring me to places I still can’t go to, or take me to places that are only made up from the authors’ great minds. Through books, I am able to be imaginative, and I was able to discover a lot of things. But it wasn’t just because of that, I also learn things about life or be informed through books as well.

Many people may not get it, but I know there are a lot of bookworms like me who truly understand me as well. Some of my friends like to read books just like me and it is so good to know that we share the same interests. With my hobby and love for books, I was able to meet new people, be they fictional or real. It also opens up my mind and makes me learn more about the world we are living in. It’s the reason why I love reading books.