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Project Read On was created years ago by a bookworm and a writer who dared to create her own blog to share her reviews of different books. For years, she was contented with sharing only her thoughts about the books she has read so far but as time passed by, it changed slowly. She thought of new things she could do to her website, to make it more fun, entertaining, and more useful for other people. That was when the idea of providing books through her site came up. Since the people who view her blog loves books as well, she thought maybe it will be a great idea to find ways how to give them opportunities to buy their own books.

Two years ago, she was able to provide a good and easier way to let people find the books they are looking for. Since it wasn’t good to make people see her reviews about some books, knowing that they will get spoilers, she separated the reviews and the shops for the books where you can buy from even if it is online or not. She put a lot of bookstores’ locations, book titles to find them more easily, and online shops they can also visit.

Now, Project Read On is not just a site or a blog for book reviews, but it is now also helping people find their own interests in books and buy without any problems. People find this site as convenient and helpful and the owner is more than happy to be here and create such things for all of us. Let us all continue to love books and be fond of them, keep being inspired and imaginative through them. Books are fun things to read, and so this website is created for anyone who is very much interested to read anything.

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